開院26年を迎える当院はインホームド・コンセントを重視し,病状の説明・今後の治療方針などを患者さんに 説明し、理解を得てからの治療に努めています。  

IWAYA Dental Clinic

 My clinic information

* Open : 9 .00.A.M-12.20 P.M 2.00 P.M-7.00 P.M
 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

* Closed : Thursday and Sunday

* Services : Teeth cleanings
 ・Root canals (I specialize in root canals)
 ・Treatment for sensitive teeth

* Professional: 32 years of experience

* I am a menber of The Academy of Gnathology and Occlusion

* Progressive : Informed consent
 Satisfaction guaranteed
 Confidential treatment advice

* I studied at Kanagawa Dental College.
  I obtained a PHD in medicine with a specialization in endodntics.
  I was a researcher at Okayama University for 5years. I conducted
  research on Effects of Guanidinovaleric acid and GABA agonists on
  monoamine release in rat striatum.

* I have been an active member of KADVO(Kanagawa Aliance of Dental Volunteers Overseas )
 I have participated, annually in the Free Dental Clinic on Cebu island Phillipines.
 I believe thad helping others, helps us to help ourselves.
 KADVO-- URL:http://www.f-arts.co.jp/kadvo/

* Currently : I am the chairman of the Shirakawa Dental Association and
 I have been a member of the Yabuki Bourd of Education since1984.

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